Access to Resources and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Old Believers in North America: a Case Study of an Online Bibliography


  • Heghine Hakobyan University of Oregon Libraries


Słowa kluczowe:

staroobrzędowcy - bibliografia cyfrowa - ochrona kultury - Ameryka Północna - niematerialne dziedzictwo kulturowe - zasoby online - badania naukowe - dokumentacja dziedzictwa - zaangażowanie społeczności - humanistyka cyfrowa


This article discusses the history of the development and significance of the “Old Believers Bibliography in North America”, a digital resource dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the cultural legacy of Old Believers in North America. It addresses how this comprehensive digital bibliography provides access to a broad range of resources, including scholarly articles, historical documents, and multimedia content, pertinent to the study of Old Believer communities. The article highlights the role of this online platform in enhancing research accessibility, facilitating academic scholarship, and promoting cultural preservation as well as underlines the bibliography’s impact on both scholarly research and community awareness of Old Believers. It reflects on the broader implications of digital bibliographies in preserving intangible cultural heritage and fostering diverse historical narratives.


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